Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have nobody to come with; can I ride alone?

A: No! You must have someone with you for safety.


In the Schooling Course this can be someone on foot, but on the Long Course there must be at least two riders.

Q: Do I have to bring a Hard Hat and Back Protector?

A: Horse riding can be dangerous, and if you are in the Schooling Course then you are clearly trying to encourage your horse to do something that it may not want to, so it would be foolish to do that without suitable protective equipment.

Q: Can I just arrive and leave the money somewhere?

A: NO! Firstly, you must NEVER go riding here without being “signed in” by a member of our staff, and secondly we may wish to warn you of any problem on the course for your safety.


Q: Do I have to make a booking to ride at Rockbourne?

A: YES, we only work on a booking system.


Our preferred method of booking is by telephone on 01725 518297, and if the answerphone is on, then please leave a message and we WILL call you back. 


Alternatively, please use our online Booking form, which you can find here.
Please note that when you use this system you are simply requesting a booking, and MUST wait for confirmation.

Rob can answer enquiries on his mobile but cannot confirm bookings when he is out in the fields!

Having booked your time – PLEASE arrive at that time!


Q: Will it matter if we are late for our booking?

A: YES, we make bookings because we are not always near the lorry park to see you, and so that we do not get too many riders on the course at any one time.


If you come late then firstly, you may not be able to find anyone to check in with, and secondly there may already be too many people on the course.

Q: Can I come with my own instructor?

A: YES, we appreciate that you may wish to come with own chosen instructor

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Yes, as long as it is under the control of someone on the ground.

You cannot take care of your dog while “schooling” your horse!

Q:  Do you have loos and changing rooms?

A: Yes we have a loo and if necessary you can change in our little office.

Q: Can I park and turn round without having to go backwards?

A: YES, except in exceptional circumstances there is always plenty of space in our parking area to turn without reversing!

Q: How long can I stay for, is it JUST an hour?

A: No, we are aware that you may well be JUST getting your horse to do what you want, so we do not come rushing out to say, “come in now your time is up”!